Australian duo BANTA. continue to shine in front of our eyes with each and every new single they grant us, and today we’ve got your first listen of their brand new electronic/pop gem titled ‘Divide’ alongside fellow Melburnian Cropley which depicts a romantic tale under the umbrella of some highly-spirited instruments and captivating melodies.

From its beginning, ‘Divide’ provides an optimistic feeling through the jubilant synths pulsating through the core of the track alongside the enlightening keys and Cropley’s reverb-soaked melodies that lure you in with their emotionally fuelled output. BANTA. brilliantly build the narrative through those deepened drums rising to the surface that transport us into the explosive chorus where we are met with the soaring synths and a welcomed groove overall that provides the perfect amounts of uplift.

“Divide, is a punchy pop jam that tells a story of a love that requires distance to grow. Combining electronic synths, dreamy guitars and ghostly vocal chops, BANTA. and Cropley deliver an introspective view into relationship turmoil and how it can modulate with time apart. Cropley’s vocal flourishes, smooth falsetto and warm harmonies drive the track’s ambitious energy and importantly give a voice to the feeling of solace we might find through space apart from what we love.” – BANTA

Artist Connect:
BANTA: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Cropley: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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