anaiis grants us one final glimpse before her brand new album drops with ‘cry in your sleep’, a luscious R&B offering filled with majestic instrumentation alongside the guest vocals of Chronixx which collectively delivers a sultry soundscape that’ll set the mood just right.

The steaminess is set in place from the word go in ‘cry in your sleep’, with a strutting bass line and those laid-back drums setting the scene before the captivating vocals of both artists come to the forefront and leave you in awe with their utter beauty. Both anaiis and Chronixx‘s melodies showcase the absolute best of both artists, with both melodies intertwining with each other in a haunting manner that sees them reach extraordinary heights as a result.

“I connected with Chronixx in LA just before the pandemic and we immediately felt a profound kinship with each other…He heard this song I was working on and I was keen to collaborate with him on this specific one because it’s so particular and wonky. It’s the most affirming song on the record, and it felt like quite a unique place for our two artistries to meet.” – anaiis

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