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Young Franco and Golden Vessel have teamed up again for a super fun and uplifting single called ‘Underneath’ which is just the sort of song you want to hear on a Friday.

Back in 2019 they gave us another awesome little treat called ‘Otherside‘ which also featured Reva DeVito on vocals, and that one still gets some heavy rotation over here at Acid Stag HQ.

“Max and I have been friends for a couple of years now. We’ve always worked together but never had a full song that we’ve co-produced and co-wrote in the same room. It was very special to release this song because of how easily it came about; Max recorded some chords on his piano, I wrote the bassline and we just went from there, sending it back and forth, as well as The Nicholas adding some beautiful vocals and harmonies.” – Young Franco

“To me it feels like it’s about that corny moment at a music festival or a concert where you’ve spotted someone a couple of times and you lock eyes with them. Your favourite band is playing and you feel really connected with this stranger even though you know nothing about them.” Joey (Young Franco) and I wrote this one together last year!

We started a couple of ideas which were all feeling a little flat. This was the third idea which we actually almost didn’t make. We built it around a recording that I made on my piano and then Joey added drums and this amazing bass-line.” – Golden Vessel

Out now via: Of Leisure
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