Melbourne-based electronic-pop artist Xirita returns with an anthemic display of darkened electronica with her captivating new single ‘OWYH’, a track that intertwines deepened electronic instrumentation with commanding vocals taking charge that depicts a tale of self confidence.

‘OWYH’ lures you in with much intrigue from the early stages with the tantalising synths and deepened beats setting the foundations in tact, and as a result providing the ultimate podium for Xirita‘s pristine vocals to shine above the polished production on offer. With catchy hooks standing firm in the chorus alongside the swirling harmonies and smashing combination of synths and drums intensifying things to a new level, ‘OWYH’ stands tall as a call to arms with its emphatic nature.

“’OWYH’ is all about respect. Having needs does not make you needy. Expressing your needs shows a whole lot of strength and self-love – because you know yourself well enough to recognise what you actually need and love yourself enough not to settle for less than that.” – Xirita


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