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Two Another are slowly but surely becoming quite the masters of the R&B/pop realm with smooth and effortlessly cool sounds each and every time they grace us with their presence, and this week they’ve continued that trend in a major way with ‘Jump’ that encapsulates a significant amount of soul influence within.

Through the use of an ultra funky bass and crunchy beats setting the base of the mix in tact, ‘Jump’ oozes charisma across all aspects of the piece with plenty of groove on offer whilst magnetising us with those appealing melodies and polished harmonies raising the bar to resounding heights.

“We made Jump at a turbulent time in both our lives, but what came out of this adversity reinvigorated our friendship and creative partnership. Lyrically and sonically it sets the tone for what you will hear from us over the coming months.” – Two Another

Stream: Sweat It Out!
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