Swedish alt-pop producer Summer Heart delivers two highly-spirited singles that produce a copious amount of colour respectively titled ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Two Many Miles’, another few glimpses of the forthcoming ‘Insecurities’ EP set for release next month that collectively have summer-infused instrumentation with alluring melodies that you can’t get enough of.

‘Inside Out’ has all the necessary ingredients for a summer anthem, with those infectious melodies ascending across the mix that is complimented with the driving support cast of swift guitars, crunchy drums and enlightening keys that provide a sense of lusciousness throughout the soundscape. Whilst ‘Inside Out’ provides the backdrop for your next road trip, ‘Too Many Miles’ changes gears a touch with a more computerised feel to its structure. Leaning more into an electronic instrumentation base, Summer Heart hypnotises you with the addictive repetitive groove in the percussion whilst the whitewash of the buzzing synths pierce through your speakers all while the altered vocals add a touch of glitches to an already jam-packed production.

“I worked on Insecurities together with my two friends Joakim Buddee and Myra Granberg. It was like time was standing still when these songs came about. Nothing on the outside mattered and we were in our own little world right there in a basement somewhere in Stockholm. I had inner peace in that moment and that is what Insecurities is about; when you are captured by the beauty of a certain moment and you forget about everything else.” – Summer Heart

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