For those that haven’t heard this yet, Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine will be releasing a collaborative album called “A Beginner’s Mind” in September, which they say is made up of songs that were inspired by the movies that they watched while working on music at a friend’s cabin in upstate New York.

A few months back they gave us the first two previews of the album with ‘Reach Out’ and ‘Olympus’, and they’ve come back to us this week with another double-dip preview of the album with ‘Back to Oz’ and ‘Fictional California’, and if these are anything to go by, the hardcore Sufjan fans (i.e. me) are really going to froth this new album.

“Angelo is mostly known for his intimate home recordings; his music is quiet and confessional. So for ‘Back to Oz’ we decided to go for something flashier. The song has a fun guitar groove, so we gave it some bass and drums, and Angelo even recorded his first electric guitar solo. It’s a sad song, being mostly about disillusionment, but it has a great party vibe too.” – Sufjan Stevens (via Pitchfork)

And for those that missed ‘Reach Out’ and ‘Olympus’ you can check those out right here as well.

Stream via: Asthmatic Kitty
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Angelo De Augustine: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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