Oslo-based musician SASSY 009 (aka Sunniva Lingardtakes us on a journey full of suspense and obscurity through her tantalising new single ‘Here Comes The Weekend’, a track that keeps you on the edge of your seat with spell-binding electronic instrumentation that delivers plenty of twists and turns.

Bringing forth echoes of Billie Eilish and KUCKA, ‘Here Comes The Weekend’ carries plenty of force within its blackened colour palate comprised of soaring synths, robust synth bass and off-kilter percussion that when combined takes us on an intensified flight with a heap of power on offer. SASSY 009 ensures the haunting nature of the release remains a key catalyst throughout with those haunting vocals setting an eeriness in tact that sends shivers down your arms.

“When I started making this song, I envisioned myself sitting in a dark little apartment on a red leather couch staring into the smoke of a joint laying on the table. It led me into thinking of how complex the process of escaping a “sober” reality really is, and how I’ve willingly put myself in situations where self-control is on puzzling terms. ‘Here Comes The Weekend’ is all about that existentially risky moment of self-realisation when things have already gone too far.” – SASSY 009

Stream via: Luft Recordings
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