LA-via-San Francisco artist Petticoat invites us to take a step back in time to the 80s with a smashing new single ‘Get Loose!’, the first single from his upcoming sophomore EP ‘Tumbleweed’, which if this single is anything to go by we’re in for a real treat filled with infectious grooves and commanding melodies.

Drawing echoes of The 1975, ‘Get Loose!’ centres itself around the anthemic melodies of Petticoat that command your attention, whilst providing plenty of vibrancy with shimmering guitars, bright keys, charming bass and thumping drums that meld together with absolute ease to transfer a hefty amount of flavour across the uplifting soundscape on offer.

“For me the song isn’t as introspective. It’s a fictitious love story that is acknowledged through tongue-in-cheek self-doubt. I was listening to a lot of shallow heartbreak pop songs, and the concept of “Get Loose!” didn’t click right off the bat. Instead, it was this melding of narratives over time that led me to what you are hearing now.” – Petticoat

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