Canadian producer NICOLAAS evokes a sense of nostalgia through a bright and summer-influenced new single titled ‘(Baby I) Need Your Love’ which sees him team up with Detroit hip hop artist eLZhi to collectively deliver a robust soundscape with plenty of groove on offer.

‘(Baby I) Need Your Love’ centres itself around a 90’s influence in its instrumentation through the use of robust and thick synths that transfer plenty of energy and power across the mix, coupling nicely with the tough drums bringing through the strengthened groove into our hearts. On the vocal front, the female vocals soar throughout the duration with their divine approach whilst eLZhi‘s charismatic flow further accentuates the charismatic nature of the piece.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the mix of R&B and hip hop,  especially from the early 90’s. It’s definitely nostalgic for me. I grew up on hip hop, and when R&B artists started featuring rappers on their tracks it felt like a perfect fit and a natural progression. I wanted to embody that energy, but wrap the whole thing in my vibe, which is also a mix of retro and contemporary sounds.” – Nicolaas

Stream: Neon Legacy
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