Los Angeles singer/songwriter Miles Wesley brings forth a romantic number with plenty of edge in his new single ‘Medicine’, an intoxicating blend of hip-hop/pop luring us in with sombre acoustic guitars and catchy vocal hooks that sees Jutes on collaborative duties.

Wesley showcases an ever growing confidence and comfortability with his charismatic approach to his melodies that meld our hearts with their effortless free flowing nature, which is then utilised as a platform for the calming instrumentation base of the acoustic guitars and deepened beats to ignite the mix with its charming nature. Whilst ‘Medicine’ depicts a light-hearted manner in its early stages, Wesley quickly changes the notion on its head with a shift in intensity once the force of the rhythm section comes to the forefront with sheer grit on offer.

Stream via: Miles Wesley
Artist Connect: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok


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