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Australian artist Mickey Kojak comes through with one of the most thumping tracks we’ve seen this year in ‘Lights Out’, the latest glimpse of his forthcoming debut full length album ‘Ultra’ due for release in early 2022 that encompasses a lot of the stress and anger we all have faced in the last 18 months with a powerful display of electronic production that will get you into beast mode immediately. ‘Lights Out’ is one that is built for the live stage, with an emphatic energy created through the enforcing drums, blistering bass and surging energy from the synths that injects a thick wall of sound into the mix that smashes through your speakers with a lot of intent. Immediately striking a chord with all in its path, Kojak strengthens that bond with some insanely catchy melodies through a commanding vocal performance that melds into the powerful instrumentation base on offer which sets the fire alight for those who need that daily dose of energy. “It’s all about pushing forward even when things are exceptionally tough. It’s easy to become complacent and down-trodden, but we are all inherently resilient and have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done, especially when relying on support from the people around us.” – Mickey Kojak

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