Over the last few months Australian duo Love Level have been busy finishing up their self-titled debut ep, and this week they are very excited to be sharing that with us in all its gloriousness.

As they explain below, they did actually start writing this ep back in 2019 before the Love Level project even really existed…

We started writing the EP back in 2019, before this project had any direction or even a name. We were writing most nights of the week with our producer (Dimitrios Mois) in his family home – it was such a warm and loving time in our lives that writing music just came so naturally because we all felt so creatively inspired.

Once we had a few songs under way we took our work to another producer friend, Callum MacDonald (of daste.), who really helped bring the EP to life.” – Love Level

The ep features their previous singles ‘Love Level’, ‘Bad Bye’ and ‘Why You Left’, as well as two more previously unheard gems, ‘Runaway’ and ‘Do It To Me’, on which duo reveal;

“Do This To Me’ is about feeling stagnant in a relationship – like you should leave but you have no will to go. For us, we experienced this with a friendship. We felt as if we’d been cast aside and left in the dark in such as sudden and unexpected way that it truly felt as if we were both going through a breakup from this person. In the moment we were so caught up in the slow burn of it all that we didn’t even realise DTTM was had become so relevant for us. It took us a while to move on from that hurt but we’re super proud of the song we got out of it :))

The other new song on the ep, ‘Runway’, was written about the pressures and expectations of having your future and life goals all mapped out. Obviously, the music industry is such an uncertain thing – we have definitely doubted ourselves throughout this experience at one time or another. For us, this song was a lot of fun to write – to get those stressful feelings and thoughts out in the open like that kinda felt like we were denying them the ability to bother us at all.” – Love Level

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