Fresh off from collaborating on ‘Drip’ with Friendless, Sydney-based artist Jannah Beth showcases her divine vocals in style with her brand new single ‘Want Me Dead’, the latest glimpse of her forthcoming debut EP that combines crisp beats with uplifting horns for a fresh soundscape.

‘Want Me Dead’ sees Beth display all of the tricks within her artillery, with a swift approach to her vocals in the earlier stages that subtly shifts through a change up in the chorus through a playfulness that’s evident in the melodies which melds in perfectly with the raspy horns, collectively providing a nice character to the colour palate on offer. As a result of this freshness created in the mix, Jannah Beth brings forth a confidence within her flow across both the instrumentation and vocals compiled resulting in a crystal clear polish lavished across.

“‘Want Me Dead’ is a song about conflicting music industry experiences and reconnecting with why I started music in the first place. I honestly do feel like I’m out here ‘selling my soul’; this whole project has been informed by my real-life experiences, not trends or extrinsic motivations. I left school and a turbulent home life at 15 to chase my dreams & I’ve worked my ass off over the past 10 years to get to the place where I’m now seeing my dreams come to fruition.” – Jannah Beth

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One thought on “Jannah Beth – ‘Want Me Dead’ [Premiere]

  1. Cookena says:

    the music is super amazing

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