Swedish artist Hans Göran (aka the alias of Lucas Nord) has smashed through 2021 in an exceptional manner with hit after hit, and now he’s gone full circle with a summer-fuelled party starter in the form of ‘A Summer With Hans Göran’, a collection of some of the brightest and most uplifting soundscapes that you’ll have no choice but to get your next party started with these gems.

‘A Summer With Hans Göran’ showcases previous bangers in ‘GIRL’, ‘LIMONCELLO’, ‘FIKA’ and ‘GANG’ and adds one more delight in the form of ‘NILO’ which rounds out the track listing and continues the trend of infectious house grooves, alluring synths and booming bass lines that set the dance floor alight with their glistening soundscapes that you immediately want to immerse yourself in. Featuring plenty of addictive grooves and hypnotic vocal samples that swirl around the mix, Hans Göran brings forth the absolute best from the Swedish artist and will act as the perfect podium for us all to launch off.

“It’s been so liberating releasing these songs because they’ve kinda just been for me. They’re the tracks I’ve made myself, for myself late at night without ever thinking about what anyone else would think. Now I couldn’t be happier that they’re all out.” – Hans Göran

Stream via: Bisous
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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