Let the summer feeling flow through to cure your hump day lull courtesy of Canadian producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist French Braids and his dreamy new single ‘Shady’, a joyous combination of uplifting acoustic guitars and luscious melodies that set the scene for an ultra chilled electronic release that you’ll get lost in immediately.

‘Shady’ provides a contrasting tone to its messaging, depicting a tale of being upfront and honest within a relationship all while French Braids provides an uplifting and positively inclined soundscape that invokes images of beachside bliss. This is achieved through the enlightening guitars becoming a central component alongside the dreamy melodies that sweep their way through the mix in a breezy manner. With the playful drums providing a podium a platform for us to get our groove on, ‘Shady’ sets itself up as the perfect backdrop for your summer escape no matter where you are.

“We wanted the track to be the perfect blend of vintage bossa nova and modern chill electronic music, and we got there by recording lo-fi guitars through our iPhones and sampling a toy woodblock and turning it into the lead instrument for the track. We wanted to make a lush tapestry of sounds you could put on your headphones and get lost in. Dom’s sultry R&B vocals were the perfect match for the chilled-out alternative electronic production.” – French Braids

Stream via: Sadboy Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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