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UK-based singer-songwriter finn askew continues to show why he’s considered one of the most promising artists going around with his ridiculously catchy new single ‘Adidas’, a guitar-driven offering that delivers a mesmerising soundscape through multi-genre influences that has some of the most addictive vocal hooks you’ll come across. ‘Adidas’ has two critical components to its appeal that need critical attention, the commanding approach that askew sets with his memorable melodies and the rolling nature of the guitars which provide a near ‘grunge’ sound to the overall picture created in the mix. askew mixes things up as the track builds, with electronic drums providing some laid-back grooves you can’t help but bop your head to. The chorus is where ‘Adidas’ shines, with those memorable lyrics cementing themselves in your head with their catchiness that will make this track one you’ll always come back to. “I wanted to make a song where after the first listen the listener would be able to sing back the chorus word for word, I feel like I accomplished that with Adidas! It’s a proper earworm. It’s also the first song I’ve released with my producer congee! he’s one of my favourite people to work with & this is the first of many bangers we have in the locker! I’m super excited about this song, I wrote it nearly 3 years ago so it’s about time the world heard it!” – finn adskew

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