With an aching to get back into the clubs across the globe, Los Angeles producer Eric Sharp has brought forth a call to arms track all about the feelings associated with our current lack of social interaction titled ‘Body On My Body’, a hypnotic club-ready offering that features the stunning vocals of Cassandra Violet that’ll make you that little bit keener to get back out and about.

‘Body On My Body’ begins to mesmerise us from the second it begins with an alluring synth pattern igniting our intrigue, and is further heightened with the initially hazy melodies of Violet that scatters across the mix in a fog-like manner. Sharp subtly implements more and more electronic influence as we progress through with the tasty bass line that comes to the forefront, and then we are hit with the insatiable grooves created from both the bass and beats that is accentuated even more so by Violet’s commanding yet catchy vocals that are cemented in your brain.

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