UK songwriter-producer Edward Knocks steps things up in an emphatic way with his enthralling new single ‘Time Machines’, a track that leaves you spellbound through utterly divine melodies combining with thumping instrumentation that rises to the occasion.

‘Time Machines’ provides a significant amount of depth all across its composition, whether that lies within the gang vocal approach in the stunning harmonies that intensify the mix significantly, or the resounding electronic instrumentation that subtly rises throughout the ebbs and flows of the track to provide a sensational amount of uplift throughout. Knocks showcases his mastery of songwriting with swooning lyricism playfully moving about the mix, and once combined with the harmonies shifts into third gear with a mesmerising performance overall.

“I have always been fascinated by H.G Wells’ ‘Time machine’. The idea that we could traverse time and have a completely new experience in a future world and immediately flit back in time for dinner is enthralling…Memory has always served that purpose for me. This song is an ode to how our relationships with people and our memories of those we love, feel like time machines in themselves.” – Edward Knocks

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