Sydney producer Donatachi continues the charge forward as one of Australia’s most exciting hyperpop producers with their latest thriller of a track in ‘FWD’ which features Brisbane artist/vocalist/producer LÂLKA for a fast-paced delight filled with bright instrumentation and enlightening vocals that evoke a futuristic world for us all to adventure within.

‘FWD’ packs a serious punch in its foundations, with the strengthened beats coupling with the vigorous bass that lays down the impenetrable core and is heightened further with the sparse energy created through bright and bubbly synths igniting the mix to its energetic highs. Donatachi creates an openness within the manipulation of ‘FWD’ through the way in which LÂLKA‘s pristine melodies hover above the production and ensure a carefree manner is critical to the overall flow of the track.

“This song really was the beginning of a shift in my direction artistically. The way I thought about music began to change from being something designed purely for escapism to something more; I wanted to provide solace and positivity to anyone who listened to my music, even if it was just for three minutes. I wanted to move forward with a hopeful and energetic attitude and felt in sync with the optimism of 2000s new age electronica and drum & bass. LÂLKA’s frenetic energy is something i strive to match and I’m so grateful for her spirit in this song.” – Donatachi

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