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After featuring on Netflix‘s You, Tiny Pretty Things, Locke & Key, and Charmed, NYC duo CLAVVS continue to deliver astonishing electronic music with their highly anticipated album ‘O’, an eleven-track sonic odyssey filled with spell-binding instrumentation and majestic vocals that collectively transfer you to a new dimension.

‘O’ showcases a significant depth in production, with a vast array of deepened instrumentation such as the beats and bass that sets the scene for the engaging synths to strike through the mix and shine ever so bright. Whilst these uplifting soundscapes ignite our senses with their ominous nature, what sets CLAVVS apart from their peers lies within the vocal production that soars high above the instrumentation and provides a heavenly touch to those already gripping narratives on offer.

“This album covers a lot of ground for us. It’s about growth and healing and joy, and we wanted that to be reflected in the sonic space of the record…We carved out our own little dance world that’s playful but still
emotionally complex. It still feels like us.” – CLAVVS

Stream: Turn To Wind
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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