Over the past few months we’ve been graced with some stunning singles from LA-via-Chicago artist appleby, delivering enlightening sound palates that are matched by effortlessly smooth vocal displays, and now that has rounded out to the release of his ‘While You Were Sleeping’ EP that sets itself up as the launching pad for worldwide acclaim with the highly appealing output.

Featuring smash singles ‘Enough’, ‘Here With You’ and ‘Half Life’, appleby continues the brilliance that was previously laid out with a cohesive blend of electronic and organic instrumentation provides a spacious soundscape filled with uplift. Providing the cherry on top are appleby‘s raspy yet soulful vocals that provide a significant amount of character to the mix, and the manipulation of these melodies sway cooperatively with the majestic instrumentation on offer to transport you to a much happier place.

“The birth of ‘While You Were Sleeping’ came during a three week trip apart from the girl I love. I was back home in Elgin, Illinois, staying in the bedroom I wrote my first songs in, while she was in Jamestown, Rhode Island, visiting family. Nearly every night we’d FaceTime till sunrise then say our goodbyes in the AM. Halfway through my trip I began muting myself while she slept. The first song I made was ‘You’re My Home.’ I was obsessed with how warm and nostalgic it felt. The next evening I wrote ‘Enough,’ and when I said good morning to my girlfriend the next day I knew those two songs were the beginning of my next EP.” – appleby

Stream via: Future Classic / WILDER Records
Artist Connect: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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