Already having quite an impressive year already with singles ‘Left Behind’ and ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ receiving critical acclaim worldwide, Australian producer Wave Racer continues this trend with a bright and bubbly flip on No Rome‘s ‘Seventeen’ that combines electrifying energy with moments of elegance for what is truly a stunning cover.

What has been apparent throughout 2021 has been an increase in Wave Racer‘s use of his own vocals, and in the case of ‘Seventeen’ they sit so well within the jam-packed mix and provide a laid-back feel to the overall flow of the release. Wave Racer brings through his trademark quirky elements into the latter stages of the piece with explosive vocal samples and off-kilter synths and percussion provide that sense of obscurity that we’ve come to love with each of his releases.

“No Rome is an artist I’ve admired for a while. There’s real poetry in his lyrics and elegance to his production, and the songs he makes are so beautifully crafted. Recording this cover was kind of like studying for me. I wanted to break the song apart and discover for myself what made it beautiful, then build it back together again with my own set of tools and techniques…” – Wave Racer

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