Wisconsin artist Unusual Demont delivers a multi-genre bender full of grit and edge in ‘VANTA’, showcasing a commanding vocal performance whilst engaging all of our senses with a depth-defying instrumentation base that provides plenty of vigour throughout.

Utilising elements of pop and punk throughout, ‘VANTA’ delivers a freshness across its soundscape through a central focus on the vocals standing firm in the centre. Unusual Demont provides various shades of colour in this realm, with distorted effects providing a rustiness to arena whilst sending goosebumps down our arms with those crystallised harmonies in the chorus. This is accentuated that little bit further with the smoothness created in the bass line holding down the rhythm section alongside the crunchy beats that transfers an insatiable groove into the mix.

“Vanta is interesting cause I wrote and recorded it in one night. Not only that, but I wrote it from the perspective of my most recent ex at the time. I named it Vanta (the deepest hue of black) from the really angry, punk, almost grungy, energy the song gives. A feeling you could argue perfectly mirrors a rough break up. I worked on this one with Kieran (The Idiot) and it was a perfect match to bring in that wild angry energy with a nice melody behind it. From a sonic standpoint, I’m beyond excited to share this song and continue…switching up my style.” – Unusual Demont

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