Tora have provided us with some of the most interesting releases that we’ve come across this year, and in the lead up to their forthcoming third album ‘A Force Majeure’ dropping in September they’ve brought through another stunning glimpse in ‘Call On Me’, a luscious yet quirky display that provides plenty of vigour.

‘Call On Me’ provides an openness within its mix through the ambient instrumentation utilised early on in the piece before they’re coupled with the buoyant melodies on offer. Tora subtly shift the intensity in ‘Call On Me’ with a robust synth bass injecting the groove in the chorus section, which plays off the off-kilter percussion and rises to the occasion in the break down that you just want to immerse yourself in immediately.

“’Call On Me’ is a study of fictional characters pursuing each other whilst trapped within a town or place that feels hostile. The looping of days becoming nights with little to break the monotony, still not able to connect despite the time to do so. The chorus is the release of this feeling, exploring the dichotomy between feeling trapped in a mood or place and then having your location or freedom liberate you. New places, people and landscapes providing perspective to a cloudy mind.” – Tora

Stream via: Believe
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