Brooklyn based indie-disco/pop duo Supertaste continue to provide us with sun-kissed soundscapes full of uplift and vibrancy through their brand new single ‘Spins’, the final glimpse of their forthcoming ‘Super Classic’ EP in August that serves as an ode to falling deeply for someone and all the associated feelings that come with it.

‘Spins’ comes through with a central focus on tantalising electronic production through the bright synths coupling nicely with the playful groove that’s transferred through the rhythm section. Supertaste maintain a breeziness throughout the duration of ‘Spins’ that is accentuated significantly by the majestic melodies that move effortlessly through the mix, whilst the shimmering guitars provide that extra dash of polish throughout.

Out now via: Casablanca Sunset
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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