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Los Angeles newcomer Slouch Online sent me a link last week to one of his songs called ‘ZOMBIE’ which actually blew me away. I listen to hundreds of songs every day and it’s those little gems that really make an impact on me these days. 

I immediately went looking for more information on this guy and I discovered ‘ZOMBIE’ was in-fact the opening song to his 10-track debut album “SUPERBRIGHT”, and boy-oh-boy was I in for a treat. This album flows so perfectly well from start to finish, the lyrics, the genres and the overall feel just made the entire experience that much more enjoyable, and when I asked him for some insight into the story behind the album it was really cool to hear there was a deeper and very relatable meaning behind its creation as well.  

“The idea behind SUPERBRiGHT is about the journey of personal growth/discovery, not only as an artist but as a person. It served as a medium for unloading the baggage I have carried my whole life. It also symbolizes that sometimes it takes the darkest places to see/find your light. When we are surrounded by lights, sometimes it’s hard to know which one is ours or sometimes we end up following the wrong one that leads us astray or we get too comfortable. I was done being comfortable, I was done following other people’s “lights”. I knew that whatever lay beyond the unknown or the darkness was sure to be better than the situation I was in. I was ready for change, I was ready to be myself.” – Slouch Online

Out now via: Slouch Online
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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