Polo & Pan have come full circle with their latest album, “Cyclorama,” divulging sonic inspirations that surfaced after a “4 year long cruise around the world onboard the Caravelle,” the duo’s debut LP. Composed of French producers Polocorp and Peter Pan, the eclectic pseudonyms of Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan, Polo & Pan emerged from Paris in 2012, having met after months of separately DJing the same night club. 

“Cyclorama” offers everything the world already admires about Polo & Pan—organic instrumentation, electronic dance beats, French vocals, and mesmerising sample cuts. The LP even features the wildly successful, Compton-hailing rapper, Channel Tres, who delivers subtle yet powerful lyrical flows on ‘Tunnel.’ Sample-wise, the duo borrows Scottish pop rock band Pilot’s momentous hook from their hit song ‘Magic,’ on “Cyclorama’s” third track called—you guessed it—’Magic.’ In the album release statement, Polo & Pan explained,

“This new musical voyage will take you on a journey through life, from birth to death and on to transcendence. We invite all of you to find your own itinerary through this shared musical odyssey. Set your compass as you wish and get ready to go full circle with CYCLORAMA!”

Stream “Cyclorama” in its triumphant entirety below.

Stream via: Hamburger Records / EOS Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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