Byron Bay outfit Parcels continue to amaze us in every possible way with their utterly stunning new single ‘Comingback’, a riveting display of musicianship with spell-binding instrumentation and soaring vocals that collectively dishes up one of the jams of the year.

‘Comingback’ showcases the grooving nature that we’ve come to love about Parcels, with an infectiousness carried throughout the core of the track with playful pianos and a superb rhythm section splashing a large amount of vibrancy across the soundscape. With the pristine vocals elevating the mix to astronomical heights, Parcels hit this one out of the park yet again with a joyful offering that is sure to put a smile on your dial.

Noah sings lead on this song about the isolation of tour life and the hopeful message of perseverance through difficult times. ‘Comingback’ felt like one of the earliest new ideas floating around after finishing our debut album and yet the last song we managed to finish. For years you could hear these chords emanating from every piano Jules sat down at. We imagined the vast red desert of Australia, and played to this image in our minds as we rehearsed in a way of coping through lockdown while we yearned for our original home of Australia.” – Parcels

Stream via: Because Music
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