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Germany-based singer, songwriter and producer Ninja Nai delivers an utterly stunning and captivating slow jam that is as smooth as they come titled ‘Soul Tie’, a track that provides a hefty amount of swagger and allure in its approach and leaves you begging for more.

‘Soul Tie’ provides us with a mellowed out tempo full of groove that is fuelled on by the gloomy instrumentation of laid-back percussion and dramatic keys that set the mood just right. With the melodies soulfully moving about the mix in a simply divine manner, ‘Soul Tie’ leaves you magnetised from the second it starts and keeps you wanting so much more.

“Soul Tie” is about what toxic relationships can do to you. I witnessed it so many times, and when I realised a person I was very close to me went through it, I knew there was nothing I could do except understand and support them – Ninja Nai

Stream via: Lekker Collective
Artist Connect: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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