Adelaide dance producer Motez has come through with a thick and dirty mix of darkened electronica with the release of his brand new EP ‘ReSet’, a change of pace from his previous EP ‘Soulitude’ whereby we see a menacing mix on offer in each individual track that will be added to rotation across the club scene worldwide.

Including previous singles ‘Give Me Space’ featuring The Kite String Tangle and the title track ‘ReSet’, Motez builds on the foundations already set and takes them to a whole new dimension whereby a central focus on swarming bass, deep and sharp beats and electrifying synths provide an intensification beyond belief. In a time where we are seeing a lot more activity from the dark electronic space, what is clear to us is that Motez is standing atop of the realm with a highly engaging collection of tracks that transfer a considerable amount of force and energy throughout which might just be one of the finest releases of the year.

“This release encompasses a year’s worth of music exploration while I was going through a lot of change personally, emotionally and musically. It’s a manifesto of a very turbulent year, almost like the dark sibling to last year’s ‘Soulitude’. While ‘Soulitude’ was a journey into emotions through the lens of the pandemic and the way we as humans grappled with this newfound sense of loneliness and isolation in a more contemplative way, ‘ReSet’ turns the dial the other way, it’s angry and rebellious, it taps into feelings of being bold and obnoxious. Like ‘Soulitude’, it still tackles sadness but in a much louder, and more defiant way.” – Motez

Stream: Sweat It Out!
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