GRAMMY Award-nominated producer Mild Minds follows on from his critically acclaimed LP ‘MOOD’ with a cinematic adventure in ‘NO SKIN’, a dreamy electronic track full of wonder and awe that sees the Melbourne-born / LA-based producer team up with acclaimed British electronic producer Frameworks on collaborative duties.

‘NO SKIN’ sees the lightened instrumentation restrain itself in the initial stages of the piece, with the scattered drums and ominous synths setting the brooding soundscape intact before Mild Minds‘ enthralling melodies haunt the mix with their gripping approach that leave you stunned with their beauty.

‘Lyrically, ‘NO SKIN’ is about always being on the run and having no skin in the game. I knew a person in my life that I met who always moved from town to town, from one friend group to another, constantly making mistakes and then up and leaving with no ties to her old self.  Kind of like ‘nobody can hurt you’, because you’re always leaving them; there’s something tender and sad about that.’ – Mild Minds

Stream via: Foreign Family Collective
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