UK producer Mazoulew brings forth a dark and deep electronic offering through his brand new single ‘Ditto’, a track inspired by the current global pandemic that centres itself around rising from the darkness and embracing the light at the end of the tunnel.

‘Ditto’ hypnotises us as listeners with a brooding soundscape filled with driving beats, deepened keys and robust synths that collectively entrance us with their repetitive nature. With the sampled vocals adding a further shade of colour, Mazoulew provides us with a moment of sparsity whilst transferring an insatiable groove that we can all fully immerse ourselves in.

“‘Ditto’ was actually written as the sun started to shine again, I think it will resonate the most with people this summer. Most of my work is a fine line of melancholy where there is darkness balanced with light. I am a great believer in equilibrium in its broadest sense, too much of anything is a bad thing.” – Mazoulew

Stream via: Mazoulew
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