Effortlessly cool comes to mind when I think of Lucky Idiot (aka Maxwell Byrne, Kalem Woo and Rei Sakakibara). Their relaxed and dreamy sound to me encapsulates a warm sunny day spent lying in the grass. When they released their debut EP ‘Low Ceiling’ last year, it became pretty clear the trio had a gorgeous sound that’s so unique to them. You can’t hear music like this anywhere else.

Lucky Idiot just released their second EP, titled ‘Eat Up’. If you were looking for a soundtrack for a sleepy Sunday afternoon, spent either with friends or alone, then you’ve come to the right place. Lucky Idiot know how to create the most dreamy vibes, without overdoing it on the atmospherics, or warped synths. It’s amazing, really.

The EP kicks off with ‘Agreeable’, a song about leaving the city behind for a quieter space. Sweet acoustic guitars are placed over layered vocals creating a very delicate introduction. Echoing electric guitars and soft drums then slowly creep into the mix and increase the amount of energy the song has. It was as if, in the beginning, you’re standing still, with the minimalistic guitar track, and when the drums kick in you’re suddenly on the move. Driving somewhere new.

On ‘Sneak’, the drums actually take charge with the guitars acting as the support system. ‘Sneak’ is heavier than its predecessor, but not too much heavier. Lucky Idiot production is never too heavy, but ‘Sneak’ just has a more solid core with the drums and strong tones leading the vocals and gentle guitars. This track is a bit more energetic than ‘Agreeable’ as well, but not as energetic as ‘Nice Day’.

‘Nice Day’ is both active as sleepy at the same time. The tempo of the drums keep things bustling as the vocals glide over guitars that sound like they’re dancing. The picking and rhythm mix just works perfectly. This song is like the musical equivalent of a picnic party or beers on the beach at sunset. Lively, but still extremely chilled out.

The final track on ‘Eat Up’ is ‘Give Up’. Warped guitars sound almost ghostly alongside the gentle vocals. Glitchy samples echo softly within the lightest atmospherics (so light you may not even notice they’re there) and gentle tambourines tap away until the track fades out. The whole vibe of ‘Give Up’ is solemn, but blissful. It’s sombre, but comforting at the same time. Kind of like a sunset, you’re sad the day is ending, but also happy to see such beautiful colours in the sky.

‘Eat Up’ is the EP we need on a sweet springtime day. Its tenderness and ease just make it flow so seamlessly from track to track and every melody is filled with a cheeky sense of fun. It’s not hyper and fast-paced. Each instrument takes its time and really infuses its flavour into the song, rather than just fully taking over, or rushing through the production. Lucky Idiot have crafted one of the most intricate EP’s and made it sound like they did it all within one sleepy afternoon. It’s amazing.

Out now via: sumoclic
Artist Connect: Soundcloud | Instagram

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