Keithian delves into a gloomy yet commanding R&B styled offering titled ‘Go Bae’, the first taste of his upcoming “Green Clouds” EP that provides a reminiscent tale of chasing after someone that just doesn’t have the time for you, a notion that will strike a chord with all us romantics out there.

‘Go Bae’ comes through with a thickened soundscape filled with a darkened colour palate on offer courtesy of the booming bass and beats adding plenty of flavour in the backdrop of the piece, whilst Keithian‘s mesmerising melodies intertwine with the swooping synths to fully encompass the emotionality held in the core of the lyricism.  

“Go Bae is a song written about an experience I had with a girl that was too busy. Here I was doing everything to impress her, but she just wouldn’t make the time for me. I started questioning myself and even tried to compete with her by showing her how busy I was, but I found out that it didn’t do anything but make the chase worse. So eventually I told her to “Go Big” which actually came out as “Go Bae” when I said it… she kinda just laughed at me, gave me all the attention I wanted that evening, and then fell into the same pattern. ” – Keithian

Stream via: WorKs Entertainment Group
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