US artist/producer Kasi Opi brings forth a light and airy offering titled ‘Rain, Pt 2’, a contrasting follow on from its predecessor ‘Rain’ that features the enchanting vocals of Nevve that will be the title single for his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Flashbacks’.

Kasi Opi manages to balance the tightrope between elegance and sparse energy bursts in its attempt to ensure a laid-back soundscape that you can become easily lost within. Beginning in a minimalistic manner with Nevve‘s mesmerising vocals carrying forth the emotional messaging, Kasi Opi inserts subtle elements such as the vinyl scratches and deepened beats to begin the summit into the chorus. As we arrive, the insanely addictive melodies become entranced into your brain whilst a lightness is maintained in the colour palate in the atmospheric bliss achieved in the mix.

“After I originally released Rain, I was a little surprised to see how many people personally resonated with the song and knew I needed to revisit it. The original is almost naive, but this version is a bit of a more mature approach. Growth is such an important value for me – as a producer, I love how I can revisit songs like these as I reflect on the stories that they tell and how my perspective on them change.” – Kasi Opi

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