Covex provides us all with a welcomed dose of positivity and uplift with his brand new single ‘Lucky Ones’, the third glimpse of his forthcoming debut album ‘A Change of Perspective’ featuring Olivia Ray that delves into self-reflection and positive outlooks in life that will strike a chord with many.

‘Lucky Ones’ builds its positive narrative through the combination of Ray’s angelic melodies and the crystallised synths that shine so bright throughout the mix. Covex subtly builds the intensity of the soundscape without losing the central theme of joyfulness that is held in both the instrumentation and lyricism collectively.

“I made this and many of the other songs off this album during quarantine. I was really inspired by Tourist, Louis The Child, and Mura Masa when I was writing this song. I was in a really good and positive headspace, it’s hard for me to write happy stuff when I’m not feeling 100%. I love the feeling this song gives me, it’s like I’m laying in a bright green field looking up at a blue sky. It’s a bit of a different arrangement than I’m used to but it was a really fun challenge doing something out of my comfort zone.” – Covex

Stream via: Moving Castle
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