With several singles under their collective banner already, Australian artists Chloe Minogue and melrose. continue to impress on all fronts with their stunning new mixtape ‘Are You Sure You Want To Log Off?’ that draws comparisons to Kllo and Mallrat with uptempo grooves and swift instrumentation on offer that you’ll become entranced with immediately.

Featuring three previously released songs in ‘Save My Number’, ‘Are You Down’ and ‘Lanes’, Chloe Minogue and melrose. bring forth two brand new offerings that continue to build on their brand of alt-pop/electronic R&B influence with shiny synths and enforcing beats that set the base in tact for the impressive vocal efforts of both artists that command your attention with their passion on display.

“Creating this mixtape with melrose. for the last 2 years and learning the ropes together has been the most rewarding experience. I really feel like we learned everything together and have come so far from when we first started working on Save My Number (the first single release). I’m so excited to finally conclude this chapter with a project, I’m really proud of.” – Chloe Minogue

Stream via: Gyrostream
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