With news of a forthcoming album ‘Teartracks’ due for release in October, Australian artist Banoffee brings forth a smashing electro-pop anthem with ‘Idiot’ filled with bright synths and booming bass that provides a thick wall of sound that cannot be broken down.

Banoffee throughout ‘Idiot’ restrains her vocals for a laid-back delivery, which melds in beautifully with the buzzing partnership of synths and bass in the verses, whilst the powerful drums lift the intensity of the track significantly in the chorus with plenty of depth in production on offer.

Accompanying the single is the Phebe Schmidt-directed music video, that sees Banoffee provide a more tongue-and-cheek character in embracing the joy in life. As she explains further, “Making this video was such a joy. Living out a dream I had about trolling tradies was such a fun experience and of course a moment on a love heart bed was crucial. ‘Idiot’ is about needing to stay indoors and be self indulgent, it’s about indulging in brattiness, with the help of my amazing creative team I think we made a version of that that’s really fun”.

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