Bankii (aka Jesse Watt) & Billy Otto combine forces for a brooding electronic/pop collaboration titled ‘Cover Me’ that utilises an ominous instrumentation base that sets the podium in place for the emotional messaging of change within a long-term relationship.

Drawing echoes to RUFUS DU SOL, ‘Cover Me’ provides a menacing collection of synths that create a thickened wall of sound that intensifies to incredible heights at the pivotal sections of the release whilst showcasing the ability of restraint to highlight the raw emotion displayed in Otto’s mesmerising vocals. Bankii finds a way within ‘Cover Me’ to utilise the utter beauty of Otto’s high range as a dramatic catalyst that intertwines nicely with the playful beats to further hone in on the uptempo nature of the release.

“This music was created on a long weekend in Jervis Bay. The boys set up a studio in the kitchen next to the ocean and wrote a song a day. This is song number 2.“ – Bankii

Stream via: BonFire Records
Bankii: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Billy Otto: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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