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Los Angeles-based artist Wallice has been one to watch throughout 2021, with her brand of bedroom indie/pop/rock garnering significant attention across the globe and now the wunderkind has come through with her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Off The Rails’, a multi-faceted collection of eclectic sound that serves as a journey of growing up in your early adulthood. 

‘Off The Rails’ provides us with soaring instrumentation full of distortion and brittleness that elevates hand in hand alongside the swirling lyricis, resulting in a lo-fi soundscape full of rawness. Whilst the distorted guitars and crunchy percussion intensify the mix to mammoth heights, a key aspect of ‘Off The Rails’ is the ability of Wallice‘s swirling melodies to take centre stage and command your attention amongst all of the depth on offer, ensuring that there is no clashes between the vocals and instrumentation and thus allowing all core elements to stand firm in the production. 

“Off the Rails is all about growing up and being in your early 20s. It was produced and co-written with marinelli, who I’ve known since I was in 6th grade-we’ve been really close friends for years now. The EP was created during quarantine-between August 2020 and March 2021-in both marinelli’s childhood bedroom studio and in my grandparents’ house in Cedar City, Utah. It was a time we were all going stir crazy, overthinking and re-evaluating our lives. I think you can hear that in the music and see where I was coming from lyrically. Even outside of quarantine, I think I encapsulated the feelings of being in your early twenties and living at home. Kinda feeling like a loser sometimes–which is okay! It’s scary to grow up. I hope that when people listen to any of the songs on the EP, they don’t feel alone in feeling whatever it is they are going through, and that it brings some peace to some similar aged people that listen.” – Wallice

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