Perth duo SLUMBERJACK follow up their impressive double single ‘Memory’ (feat. Tailor)’ & ‘The Reprise’ with a buoyant and energetic collaboration with none other than Nicole Millar titled ‘Not For You’ that provides plenty of heat across all fronts of the release for both artists.

‘Not For You’ centres itself on a powerful groove in the percussion that holds the core of the piece in tact, and acts as a building block for which the swooping synths and bass can rise from and intensify the mix immensely. Furthermore, Nicole Millar‘s captivating vocals sit perfectly in the centre of the mix and playfully bounce around the soundscape in an effortless manner, as well as create plenty of force when sampled up and scattered across the chorus alongside the screeching sirens.

“For us, this song is all about that moment, right at the start of the chorus, where it feels like you’ve just executed the perfect double bounce on a trampoline and you’re absolutely floating. Definitely our bounciest record to date – which fits perfectly in the Dichotomy of the album, we wanted to explore both ends of the spectrum and you can’t have the darker stuff without the fun and playful records. Nicole also was incredible on this one, we went back and forth on so many amazing versions of the song but we felt like we nailed the one that made the final recording!” – SLUMBERJACK

Stream: Sweat It Out
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