Chilean producer Sistek tackles an emotional tale of coping with love gone awry through self medication with his first release of 2021 in ‘Do I?’, which sees the debut release from platinum selling songwriter Jeremy Thurber (Meghan Trainor, Tydi) as Bleachx.

With an upbeat and energetic sound base utilised through commanding percussion and powerful synths on offer, ‘Do I?’ provides a contrasting platform whereby the emotionally-fuelled melodies showcase pure passion whilst depicting a weighty topic. Sistek cleverly manipulates the mix to provide Bleachx the room in the verses to take control of the narrative, and subtly lifts the intensity in the choruses to further ignite the fire created in the lead up.

Stream: AWAL
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One thought on “Sistek, BLEACHx – ‘Do I?’

  1. jeremy thurber says:

    Thanks for the love!!! BLEACHx

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