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Sydney electronic artist Pat Carroll has opened up the boundaries of electronic music with an experimental new release titled ‘Hope’, that as the name suggests is full of wonder and surging energy that enthrals you with all of its twists and turns across its near 8 minute duration. 

‘Hope’ endeavours to take you on a mammoth journey, and it definitely does not disappoint that’s for certain. Carroll showcases his production prowess in all of its glory with expansive pads, strengthened synth bass and pumping beats that enforce that thick club influence into your speakers, whilst intensifying the mix to extravagant heights through the sweeping synths rising to the occasion at pivotal sections of the track.

With various ebbs and flows in the overall energy of the track to keep you on the edge of your seats, ‘Hope’ is a true artistic masterpiece that leaves you craving more, and is a true defining moment in the rising career of Pat Carroll.

”I didn’t really intentionally set out to make a hopeful track or anything. In fact, the idea of the track representing hope gradually came to be through the process of writing it. So when I built that section before the final climax part, I really wanted to express the idea of things falling apart and disintegrating before a new element grows out of it. I think that is my representation of hope” – Pat Carroll

Stream via: Eyegaze
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