23-year-old Australian up and comer Olive Amun continues to showcase why he’s one of this countries most promising talents with the release of his latest project ‘Don’t Leave Yet’, a six-track offering that lures you in with its emotionally fuelled instrumentation and melodies that’ll strike a chord with you immediately.

Through the combination of booming electronic instrumentation such as the booming bass and drums melding with the raw and organic influence of soaring guitars, ‘Don’t Leave Yet’ provides a multi-faceted approach whilst ensuring an individuality through a fresh sound palate full of twists and turns at every corner. This all sets the scene for Amun’s commanding and charismatic vocals to take centre stage and invite us into his world all filled with love and heartache.

“I noticed in a lot of the demos I was making, I kept saying these 3 words… don’t. leave. yet. It was unintentional, but after a while I knew this was the recurring theme and had to be what I base this project off of. Don’t Leave Yet is filled with self exploration; musically and figuratively speaking. This was the first time I got comfortable with the uncomfortable and didn’t hold anything back. After about 6 months and 50+ song ideas, I finally had the EP I was looking for. When you play it front to back you really get a taste of everything that I have in my locker. I knew I had so much more to give artistically than I had showcased in the past, and this body of work was the perfect opportunity for me to finally go for it and not hold anything back.” – Olive Amun

Stream via: Olive Amun
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