After smashing his way onto the scene earlier this year, UK producer Naylor continues to ignite the fire with the release of his self-titled debut EP that combines energetic grooves with murky electronica that can be likened to the early days of Disclosure

Featuring previous singles ‘The Message’ and ‘Alone’, Naylor takes us on a multi-faceted journey full of entrancing instrumentation that leaves you energised upon your first encounter, whilst providing that darkened club influence through the brooding synth bass and lively grooves on offer. With a highlight in ‘Thinking’, Naylor showcases his versatility and production skillset with a vast amount of depth on offer whilst utilising both scattered samples and haunting vocals that play off each other perfectly.

“‘Thinking’ is centred around the meeting of Meron T and me. It represents people getting used to connecting in person, new ideas colliding and a look to the future when we can begin to come together.”  – Naylor

Stream via: S&B Records
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