UK artist Maths Time Joy brings forth a buzzing new collaboration alongside New York-based Rich titled ‘Hoping You’d Call’ that delivers some of the most tantalising production going around, and leaves you begging for more.

‘Hoping You’d Call’ is a true showpiece of the absolute best of both Maths Time Joy and Rich, with Joy’s captivating production filled with surging synths and powerful beats intertwining with Rich‘s utterly divine melodies and as such accentuating the charisma that comes from his confident approach. ‘Hoping You’d Call’ chooses to bend the conventions of a standard song composition and rather provide an off-kilter approach where there are several twists and turns that catch you off guard, and thus allow the piece to reach astronomical heights. 

“I wrote this song after going on a few dates with a guy and started getting feelings for him that were unrequited. I started doing all the classic things people do when they start falling for someone – telling everybody about him, feeling weightless, and planning out every text obsessively. I was really let down when he said he just wanted to be friends. I started writing this song while on tour with Chance the Rapper, and was listening to a lot of PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, and Eli Sostre at the time” – Rich

Stream: eOne Music
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