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Grammy-nominated trio Mansionair bring through a slight change of pace in the form ‘Don’t Wait’, a club-influenced banger which carefully balances the tightrope between indie and electronic influence that sees fellow Australian producer Yahtzel enlisted on collaborative duties.

With those trademark raspy vocals of Jack Froggatt injecting goosebumps across our arms upon our first encounter, ‘Don’t Wait’ utilises the fragile nature of the melodies to contrast them with the heavy electronic influence of thumping drums and commanding synth bass that builds gently into the emphatic choruses. Once we arrive at the chorus, we are met with an intensification courtesy of those screeching guitars playing off of the striking synth bass that provides a real point of difference to signify the period where all punters can fully immerse themselves in the podium on offer.

“‘Don’t Wait’ is a song about confronting the demise of a relationship. The subject so far has been disillusioned by their past mistakes and is coming to terms with the possibility that perhaps there’s nothing that can change the situation. It’s a song asking for honesty, to rip the band-aid off and not stretch out an inevitable ending. It’s hopeful, but also a realistic expectation that not everything goes the way you want. So often we cling to past versions of our lives, expecting everything to always stay the same, we hide in our flaws and blame others for our mistakes, before we realise too late that the damage is already done.” – Mansionair

Stream: Glassnote Records / Liberation Records
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