Just a few months ago three talented Australian artists Maxwell Byrne (Golden Vessel), Kalem Woo (Rei So La) and Rei Sakakibara (Sweater Curse) teamed up for a new alt/indie-rock project called Lucky Idiot and gave us a very impressive five-track debut ep titled “Low Ceiling” which was met with much praise & attention from fans and industry curators around the globe.

The boys were overwhelmed by the support that ep received, and they jumped right back into the studio to start working on the follow up, which is well and truly on the way and this June we get to hear the very first taste of that ep with their brand-new single, ‘Nice Day’.

“Nice Day’ is the first single off our upcoming EP “Eat Up” which is coming out July 7 via sumoclic. This song is about my old housemate Nic who tried kickstarting a vege-garden in our backyard maybe 7 or 8 times. The plants & herbs always died, got eaten by possums or dried out but he kept replanting and would end up having to just buy his produce from the grocery store anyways. He always seemed unfazed and his commitment to getting back out there and replanting was really nice.” – Maxwell Byrne  

Out now via: sumoclic
Artist Connect: Soundcloud | Instagram

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