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New Zealand artist Late June continues to prove why he’s one of the most promising electronic producers going around with his brand new single ‘Stargazing’, a relaxing release with plenty of openness and tranquility that transports you to a happy and calming place immediately.

‘Stargazing’ allows this sense of expansiveness throughout its duration through the use of lightened synths and pads that create a warm glowing sensation across the soundscape, with welcomed uses of samples of birds chirping and soothing falsetto tones further heightening this feeling. Late June utilises the deepened kicks and bass in the pivotal moments of ‘Stargazing’ to provide another injection of uplift with an off-kilter groove, adding plenty of groove that you’ll find yourself bopping to without even knowing.

As well as this, Late June is providing a different variation of this song that will be released an NFT that is a one-of-a-kind unreleased offering that also sees the purchaser’s name being added to the song credits on all streaming platforms, and be mailed a physical framed image of the constellation the night Late June wrote ‘Stargazing’ on February 2nd, 2021.

“I wrote this piece just after a stay up North with my girlfriend Iz. We had gone and watched the sunset every night on the beach and each time we were presented with this beautiful pink and purple sky, then slowly it would turn to dark and we were underneath the stars. With the forestry, shrubbery, flowers and sand I felt a deep connection to the colour and memory I had made and wanted to expand upon those hours in a composition and series of artworks that best represented those moments.” – Late June

Late June‘s ‘Stargazing’ NFT is available for bidding on Catalog now – click here for more information.

Out now via: Late June
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